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Best Practice to send Messages

Oct 29, 2011 at 7:42 AM


I am new with using this amazing MVVM toolik. - I write my programs with VB.NET in Silverlight.

And I have a question about the Messaging.
I have to provide about 5 IList's(of T) in a Child Control. At the moment, I see two possible ways to do this

1) I do the messaging for each IList and receive the messages step-by-step
2) Or I will create a class, which holds all 5 of this IList's and transfer this class.

So, what will be the better solution?

And an additional question: When I want to give this List's back again to the master Control (after they have been changed), will the GenericMessage(of T) be the best thing for this?
Or is there an other way with a better solution?

THX - Have a nice weekend