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Peformance issue when navigating back and forth to same page

May 12, 2012 at 2:37 PM


I've been using MVVM Light all throughout the development of the app that I've been slowly working on.  I"m finally starting to look into performance issues that happen after the app is in use for a bit.  I have a main viewmodel that loads a collection of articles (basically header info only)  The user can click and article and they are taken to the article page where the rest of the articles info is fetched.  The article page has it's own view model that gets instantiated only once since I'm using viewmodel locator. I"m using the messenger class to alert when info is ready to be updated on the article.  So at that point there shouldn't be any memory leak issue with even references.

It's my understanding that when the user clicks back, the view is destroyed.  Since the viewModel is not destoryed though, is it holding onto PropertyChanged events for each bound element for old views??

I've been combing through my code to look for anything that I didn't realize could be keeping a reference and this is all I can think of.