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MVVM learning curve

Jan 17, 2013 at 12:03 PM


I am working on a small application at the minute that I started using PRISM 4 & Unity for IOC/DI. I have struggled quite a bit to keep my modules loose when it comes to functionality such as the following:

A client module holds functionality for a client entity, strangely enough!!! A client, and many other entities, can have notes attached. So I have a notes module.

From my ClientView I have an add new note button and an edit note button. I have struggled no end in an attempt to get my note view/edit view to display as a modal window without my other system modules holding a reference to the Notes module.

Is this easily achievable with MVVM light? The PRISM framework seems to offer nice methods around this for Silverlight but not WPF?

Thanks for any advice.