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error registering a factory

Dec 27, 2013 at 4:53 PM
in the ModelViewLocator I have this:
        SimpleIoc.Default.Register<ISerializeObjects, SerializeObjects>();
        SimpleIoc.Default.Register<IViewLocator, ViewLocator>();

        SimpleIoc.Default.Register<INavigate>(() =>
            return new WindowsPhoneNavigator(App.RootFrame,
                new ViewLocator(),
                new SerializeObjects()
compiling I find this error
Error 6 There is already a factory registered for PortableLib.Interfaces.INavigate. D:\Sorgenti\CS 45\WinApps\ArtiMarzialiWp8\App.xaml 5 5 ArtiMarzialiWp8

but all seems to work fine: this error happened when I moved the code in a project with the portable version of Mvvm Light

I'm missing something?