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Advice on choosing viewmodel communcation in a Master-Details (All-in-one) view

Nov 4, 2014 at 11:22 PM
Hi laurent,

Tres bien on this library. I'm new to this toolkit and i am contemplating using it for a project.
The question is in regards to when to use Messenger vs. NavigationService.

Currently, i have a WPF app with a basic MVVM makeup, it contains a view with a viewmodel binded to it's datacontext. In the view, there exists a listview (bounded to an observablecollection<users> master - holds a list of users, this is fine) and a usercontrol (details - a template that will display more info on the user based on the selecteduser from the listview). I'm stuck at the usercontrol.

FYI Both listview and usercontrol are on the same view.

When i select the user from the list, i want to be able to use the SelectedUser property to get data that will bind to my usercontrol's DataContext. I've read a lot of articles stating messenger is the way to go and some others say navigationservice.

The reason why i think navigationservice wont work is because the view is not changing. Everything is on one screen.

What do you think?

Hope this is clear enough and thanks for your input in advance.