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Copyright Question

Sep 29, 2017 at 12:15 AM
In my project I need to have an Activity that inherits from ExpandableListActivity. In MVVMLight activities that will use the navigation service need to inherit from ActivityBase. Since C# does not allow multiple class inheritance I thought that I could solve this issue by doing the following:

Since MMVM Light is open source I have access to the its source code, I can create a new Activity class that inherits from ExpandableListActivity and copy/paste the content of ActivityBase into it. That way I overcome the multi-class inheritance and now have an activity base class that gives me what I need.

But by doing this, I am not sure if will be violating copy-rights. Can you please confirm to me?

If I am violating copy rights, what other option do I have? Would it be including this new class as part of MVVM Light?

Please let me know