Android NavigationService GetAndRemoveParameter doesn't remove the parameter

It returns it but doesn't remove it from the dictionary. public object GetAndRemoveParameter(Intent intent) { if (intent == null) { throw new ArgumentNullException("intent", "This method must be...

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CommandWpf.RelayCommand RaiseCanExecuteChanged does nothing if fired from non UI thread

CommandManager.InvalidateRequerySuggested method should be called on UI thread to take effect. I think it will be useful to call the method with UIDispatcher.Invoke by default. Here is a stackoverf...

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RecyclerView support?

I was wondering if you will add support for the RecyclerView in the way you handle ListView. Thanks, George

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Asynchronously load Blendable view model data

This may be a failure of my understanding rather than an issue, so I've asked on SO too: Here's my understanding ... For a page to be Blendable it mus...

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There should be a Set() command to make wrapping objects from the model as a ViewModel easier.

ObservableObject needs a Set() method to easily use another property as the backing field. This would allow the use of an object to hold all of the backing fields for the ViewModel. It would be u...

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Visual Studio 2015

If this has been covered, I apologize in advance. I couldn't find anything about it. Does MVVM Light work with VS2015? when I search for extensions and updates, I cannot find MVVM Light in 2015...

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Request: Messenger On UI Thread

Most of our message handlers do something on the UI thread and the actual message is sent from a background thread. We end up having 'DispatcherHelper.CheckBeginInvokeOnUI' wrap most of our messa...

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Application crashing when using NavigationService.NavigateTo()

I am developing a Windows Phone 8.1 App. When navigating from one page to another page on ListView item clicked event the app was crashing. OnNavigatedTo() is being called but after then it crashes...

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Bindings not working in iOS

Hi, I have a very simple set of bindings in an iOS Controller, and I can't figure out why some are working and some aren't. in my viewmodel, I have the following properties: public BankAccountD...

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Xamarin Native Android Navigation issue

Hi, I am using a third party component in Xamarin for authentication and this component is launching an activity. When back from the authentication I am trying to navigate to new activity and I a...

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