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Binding to Interfaces fail

I'm trying to bind an ICommand from view to ViewModel in an Android/iOS native app. Unfortunately this fails because of the SimpleConverter which tries to convert using System.Convert.ChangeType(v...

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NuGet Package Has .NET 4.5 DLL but Source Stops at 4.0

The non-Platform DLL's in the latest (v5.3.0) NuGet Package has a version for .NET 4.5, but the latest (v5.3.0) from this website does not have a Project for that .NET 4.5. It only goes up to .NET...

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Error on DialogMessage via DLL but Obsolete "error" Not "true" in Source

The .NET 4 "GalaSoft.MvvmLight.dll" in the latest (v5.3.0) NuGet Package generates a Compiler Error when "DialogMessage" Class is referenced even though the latest (v5.3.0) source code does not use...

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Discrepancy in DialogService between Android and UWP

It seems that the DialogService behaves differently on Android than in a UWP app. Values altered in the afterHideCallback, are do not have their newly assigned value when the dialog is hidden. Ad...

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NullPointerException when using DialogService provided by the lib

I am building an Android app using Xamarin and mvvm-light and I am using DialogService provided by mvvmlight....When I click the button bound to the following command I get an exception. private Re...

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VS2017 extension

I cannot see MVVM Light extension in Visual Studio 2017. By when should we expect it to be available?

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[SimpleIoc] Add a way to invoke Dispose() on all created instances that dispose IDisposable

I have interfaces that may be implemented by classes that also implement IDisposable. Since I don't know which services actually implement it, I have to go manually over all registered instances, t...

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UWP : Update binding in async methods

Hi Laurent, Do you have any idea about that ? is it possible or not ? and with x:Bind too ? I am have update trouble but if i put that in an awaited dispatcher call then it seems to work awai...

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MVVM fails to nuget install on blank new VB.NET project

The error is very obvious: Cannot find App.xaml in this project, no other changes made. If you are installing in a PCL, please use "MVVM Light Libs Only" instead. This is because there is no Ap...

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Exclude CommonServiceLocator library from the MVVM Light dependecies

MVVM Light Toolkit has a dependency to CommonServiceLocator library. But Service locator pattern is considered by many as an anti-pattern:

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